Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the long term vision or direction of BizzAppDev? 
    • Our vision is to establish a company, which provide ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce solution (Mainly with ODOO and related technologies) globally. Direction to achieve our goal is to be a partner of Solution Provider Companies around the world, and establish BizzAppDev organization as their technical service provider partner.

  2. What are often the pain points / problems of your potential partner companies? 
    • For example, Globally ODOO partners, who sales ODOO in respective countries, they need experienced, sustainable and reliable long term partner for technical support. It is hard for them to find such quality combination in one.

  3. How can you help these companies? 
    • We have experience of more then 8 years of providing ODOO/OpenERP technical support services. Which includes,
      • Consultancy  for gap analysis , during the initiation and planning phase of the project
      • Customization and development, at the execution phase of the project
      • Deployment and configuration of ERP solution,  at the execution - testing & go live phase
      • Support after project go live,
      • Functional/technical training - for our partner company's consultants, customers (end users, IT administrators); by remotely or onsite at respective country of the partner or customer, depends on the request from partner or customer.

  1. Which method you use for software development?
    • We use Agile methodologies for Software Development. Especially, for complex projects, such as Research and ERP integration; we prefer to divide the larger scope in to sprints, and sprints in to small chunk of tasks.

  2. How many partners you have around the world ?
    • We have total 9 Customers, 2 from Netherlands, 2 from Germany, 2 from Switzerland, 1 from Singapore, 1 from USA and 1 from Japan. Please let us know if you need reference of any of our partners.

  3. How about support after project Implementation.
    • We mostly provide our support services remotely, but if needed we also provide on-site support as per the agreement with the customer.

  1. How do you work for customization and development? How you manage the version control of your code?
    • Git, bitbucket, Github, bzr, Launchpad

  2. Is your support timing 24x7?
    • Based on the support contract of the customer or depending on the priority of their need, we keep flexible timings to provide the support services.

  3. Do you only provide Standard Business Solutions?
    • We provide both kind of Solutions, Standard software package and also Integrated/Customized as per customer needs.